Membership entitles you to have a voice in the ministries of FGBMFI. At the local level, you may: help to shape chapter outreaches; vote in the election of the officers of your chapter; run for a chapter office or hold some other position within the chapter; be selected as one of your chapter’s delegates to a National or International Convention of the FGBMFI.

These are vital meetings to discuss and shape ministry policies for the FGBMFI. In addition, you may hold a regional, national or international leadership position within the Fellowship.

You will receive Voice, the official magazine of FGBMFI and other special ministry communiqués. As a member, you may proudly wear the beautifully designed member’s lapel pin, which features the FGBMFI logo, the world as a globe overshadowed by the Holy Spirit represented by a flame and a graceful white dove. Exquisitely designed in gold, red and white colors, this pin is worn by our members in corporate boardrooms by key executives, by professionals, managers and blue-collar workers, all together to minister to the world. lifetime members will receive a 10k gold membership pin.



Membership in FGBMFI is open to any man who is a born-again Christian. Each member should have received the baptism in the Holy Spirit or be earnestly engaged in seeking this experience. Each man desiring to become a member must complete a membership application form and submit it to the Chapter president.

Please either print this page or click the "application" form below to download the form as a PDF. Print it on your printer, complete it, turn it in with payment to the Chapter president at the next meeting.



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